Veteran Services

The Office of Veterans Services is committed to providing direct assistance to you in receiving your educational benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs. Although our main goal is the initiation and assured continuation of educational benefits, we are available to provide supportive services to veterans, national guardsmen, reservists, and eligible beneficiaries enrolled at Georgia Southern University.

The Department of Veterans Affairs is available to assist and provide service to veteran-students in the following areas: Processing applications for VA Educational Benefits, Counseling on VA Educational Benefits, Certification of Enrollment, Monthly verification of enrollment, VA Work-Study Program, and Other VA entitlements & benefits

Application Procedures
How Do I Apply for Benefits?

If you’ve decided to attend Georgia Southern University and have been admitted or are in the process of being admitted to the university, follow these steps:

  1. Check in with the VA coordinator at Georgia Southern: (912) 478-5154 or (Note: The VA coordinator is employed by Georgia Southern University.)
  2. Complete the application package online ( to be submitted to the Atlanta Regional Office in Decatur, Georgia. Please send the VA Coordinator the following items:
    • The Certificate of Eligibility letter that was mailed to you from the Atlanta Regional Office in Decatur, Georgia.
    • Supporting documents such as –  Approve Transfer paperwork from DOD, Kicker Contract, DD 214, NOBE, Birth Certificate, Buy Up Contract, etc.
    • If you are transferring to Georgia Southern, you will need a Change of Place of Training form and the most recent copy of your Certificate of Eligibility letter.

What benefits are available?

You can complete your application on-line using the application form links below:

NOTE:If you have previously received benefits at another school, please contact the Georgia Southern VA Coordinator for instructions about necessary paperwork.

Student Responsibilities
  • Notify Financial Aid that you are applying for VA educational benefits and the amount of such benefits including buy-ups, kickers, etc.
  • Plan To Pay for your tuition and fees by the fee deadline through means of your own.
  • Attend Class according to the professor’s policy. Failing a class because of attendance reasons will result in decreased payments.
  • Report Immediately
    • Graduation
    • Repeat Courses
    • Change of Address
    • Change of Major
    • Withdrawal From School
    • Course changes
    • Change in Hours (adding or dropping)
  • Monitor Your Curriculum with your advisor. Courses not pertaining to your degree will not be paid for by the VA.
  • Verify Your Attendance on the last day of each month if you are Chapter 30, 1606 or 1607 by calling 877-823-2378 or online at A check will not be generated for you by VA unless this takes place.
  • Withdraw from a class only for reasons of a serious nature. Every student gets a one time assumption of mitigating circumstances for SIX hours. After withdrawing from more than six hours, your pay will be readjusted back to the beginning of the term. An overpayment can result. (Withdrawing to avoid a poor grade is not considered mitigating circumstances.)
  • Supply A Copy of your schedule each term you are advised and registered.

Please contact this office with your questions: 912-478-5154 or

Veteran Educational Benefits
  • It takes approximately 30-60 days for the Veterans Administration to process an application. Checks are usually received within 6-10 weeks.
  • Checks are issued based on the number of enrolled hours and program of study.
  • The Office of Financial Aid must be notified that you have applied for VA educational benefits since it is possible that receipt of VA funds could affect federal guaranteed loans and grants.
  • Georgia Southern does not offer a deferment for tuition and fees. Fees must be paid by the due date or your classes will be cancelled. Payment is one month behind. Example: You are paid within the first week or so of February for the month of January.
  • Veterans with one year or more active duty must accept physical education credit from their DD-214. VA will not pay for KINS courses if credit can be received from military training, unless you are majoring in physical education. Two credits are awarded for service of less than a year, and four credits are awarded for service of one year or more.
  • Payment for Learning Support courses is limited to payment for 12 semester hours in each area. VA will not pay for LS courses unless you have tested and placed based on test scores. CPC courses are reported to VA as remedial studies.

Work Study

You may be eligible for an additional allowance under a work-study program. The work-study program allows you to perform work for the VA in return for an hourly wage. You may perform outreach services under the supervision of a VA employee, prepare and process VA paperwork, work at a VA medical facility or other approved activities, such as Georgia Southern’s Veterans Services Office.

You must train at the three-quarter or full-time rate. The maximum number of hours you may work is 25 times the number of weeks in your enrollment period. Payments will be at the Federal minimum wage or your State minimum wage, whichever is greater. To apply contact the VA Coordinator to determine position availability and for procedures for completing the application process.

Work Study Application

Forms and Publications

Military Transcript Request

Instructions for Sending Military Transcript
  • Be sure to select Georgia Southern University as the school to send your request to
  • NEW STUDENTS should send official transcripts to: Office of Admissions, P.O. Box 8024, Statesboro, GA 30460
  • CURRENT/FORMER STUDENTS should send official transcripts to: Office of the Registrar, P.O. Box 8092, Statesboro, GA 30460

Online Programs

Veterans Coordinator Contact Information
Veterans Coordinator
Rosenwald Building, Room 3201
(912) 478-5154 or (912) 478-8043

What will the Montgomery GI Bill do for me?

The Montgomery GI Bill will provide you with a monthly educational allowance to help you pay for your education. The monthly benefit amount depends on the number of credits that you are taking each term, the length of each course, and the length of your initial enlistment.

Active duty or selected reserves are eligible for up to 36 months of full-time educational benefits, provided you completed your initial obligation with an honorable discharge. If you are eligible for the College Fund, kicker, or buy-up, you will receive additional monies. You must use all of your benefits by your delimiting date; otherwise, they will expire.

Spouses and children receiving educational benefits will be eligible for 45 months of full time educational benefits.

How does the Department of Veterans Affairs know to pay me?

The VA Coordinator will verify your enrollment and forward your application and related documents, as well as certification of your enrollment, to the VA Regional Processing Center in Decatur, GA. The DVA will process your claim and send a check directly to you or to a direct deposit account designated by you, each month that you are enrolled in school.

All students who are receiving the Montgomery GIBILL Active Duty or Selected Reserve benefits MUST now verify their enrollment monthly to receive payments. This verification can be done either by using the Web Automated Verification of Enrollment (WAVE) or by using an automated telephone system (IVR) at 1-877-823-2378 and follow the prompts.

Am I eligible for direct deposit?

All recipients are eligible for direct deposit.

Can a VA check be sent to my Landrum Box?

Landrum Box – Chapter 35 may have the check sent to their Landrum Box; however, if you are not attending in the summer, you will need to make arrangements for pick up your check. Government checks cannot be forwarded.

When will I receive my first check?

New applicants should allow 6 to 10 weeks from the date that your application for benefits and your certification of enrollment were processed by the college to receive your first check. You will be paid retroactively from the first day of class. Once you receive your first check, subsequent checks should arrive near the beginning or middle of each month if you remain continuously enrolled.

Am I required to pay my tuition up front at Georgia Southern University?

Yes. Georgia Southern University does not have a plan of deferment for tuition and fees. This means that your tuition must be paid by the required date.

Must I attend school full-time to receive my benefits?

No. You may take as many or as few courses as you feel you can comfortably manage. Your monthly payment will be determined by the number of semester hours in which you are enrolled and the length of your courses.

For instance, if you are a full-time student taking 12 or more semester hours, you will receive full-time benefits for each month that you continue with this training time. If you are a part-time student taking less than 12 semester hours, your monthly benefit checks will be reduced accordingly.

Accelerated courses (summer sessions) are paid at a higher rate based on a different method of measurement used to calculate training time. It will be necessary to inquire with the the VA coordinator each summer term in order to determine training time.

What happens if I add or drop course?

Adding or dropping courses may effect your training time and pay. Notify the VA coordinator immediately of such changes.

What if I fail/repeat a course?

VA has specific regulations about which courses may be retaken for pay. If you plan to repeat a course, contact the VA coordinator to determine if payment can be received.

Can I enroll in any courses that I want?

Once you select a degree program and are placed into that program, you will be guided in your course selection by the requirements for graduation for that specific degree in the college catalog.

The DVA will not pay for a course that you have already taken. They will also not pay for a course that cannot be used in your degree program.

Can I change my degree / major program?

Yes. The DVA allows you to make a change of curriculum. You will need to select a new program of study, have all your previous credits evaluated and complete a VA Form 22-1995 (Request for Change of Program or Place of Training). Contact the VA coordinator to obtain the necessary forms.

What information can I obtain by calling 1-888-442-4551 (1-888 GIBILL1)?

This toll free line provides information on VA educational benefits 24-hours a day, seven days a week. The automated system provides a wide range of information about VA educational benefits and specific information about individual accounts. Customers can speak to an Education Officer during business hours:

Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. (excluding federal holidays)

      GoArmyEd serves active Army, National Guard and Army Reserve soldiers with Tuition Assistance (TA). It enables soldiers to request TA online. Soldiers receive 100% TA up to an established semester-hour cap and tuition ceiling. The maximum amount paid for TA is $4,500 per fiscal year and up to $250 per semester hour.

You must apply and be accepted to Georgia Southern first before registering in GoArmyEd. Enrollment opens no earlier than two months prior to the class start date. All approved TA will be paid directly to the school by the Army upon successful class completion. If TA does not cover the entire cost of the class, you are responsible for the remainder, which will be billed directly by the school.

For more information on the process and the requirements to receive TA, please visit; contact your Army education counselor; or your main campus point of contact:

Kyndra Thompson
Georgia Southern University
Office of the Registrar
P.O. Box 8092
Statesboro, GA 30460
(912) 478-8043
(912) 478-1130

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