The Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management recognizes the critical role assessment plays in the development and evaluation of programs and services in all units. Utilizing assessment results allow units to determine how effective efforts may have been, as well as to plan strategically for new programs and services.

We will continue to promote evidence-based, decision-making as a path by which all can understand a common language and internalize into our daily work. We will utilize assessment reviews to support action strategies and effectiveness measures which will ensure timely follow-up and reinforcement of policy, budget, programming, and services.

We acknowledge empirical data as being a hallmark of assessment efforts. From benchmarking with national studies to creating benchmarks using trend data for individual offices, factual results and data provide an additional piece that confirm or encourage professionals to seek more information.

We are dedicated to making important decisions for both our present and future based on gathered evidence of effectiveness and need.



Last updated: 1/3/2017

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