Blue & Gold Recognition Program

Has a member of SAEM saved the day? Do you wish you could make theirs? The Blue & Gold Recognition Program is designed to allow you an immediate opportunity to provide your heart-felt thanks to staff who are truly deserving of praise.

How it Works:


Blue Cards allow Division employees the ability to recognize daily excellence from another member of the SAEM division.
Staff are encouraged to utilize Blue Cards to thank colleagues for helpful interactions that nurture an environment of collaboration and teamwork.
These interactions may not have a direct impact on students, the Division, or the University, but they are an undeniable contribution to our service environment.

Blue Card Criteria:

  • Recipients must be staff members of the Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management and its associated departments.
  • The sender should be descriptive as to why they are sending the card. Simply stating “he/she is wonderful” does not justify the submission of a Blue Card.
    How has the recipient’s actions shown support for teamwork, their willingness to go above and beyond, or their contribution to the overall success of our students and the university?

Blue Cards will reward the recipient with an email certificate. At the same time, the certificate will also be copied to the Training Coordinator and to the recipient’s direct supervisor.


Gold Awards recognize excellence that has impacted a larger audience. The SAEM PDC Recognition Committee members and the Training Coordinator will review the Blue Cards for each year prior to the annual PDC Spring Fling Picnic and select the recipients of the Gold Awards.
Gold Awards will be issued by the PDC and Training Coordinator to recognize colleagues for actions and behaviors that have contributed to department efficiency and productivity, the development of our students, and Division and University advancement in a profound way.

Past Gold Winners

2016- Stephen Warner & Patrick Robertson
2015- Amy Smith
2014- Shannon Mitchell
2013- Dr. Vince Miller & Dr. Monica Williams



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Last updated: 4/15/2016

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