Join us on  for a day of learning about career opportunities within Student Affairs and Enrollment Management (SAEM). SAEM is a dynamic profession, perfect for those who are passionate about building strong campus communities while helping college students reach their goals inside and outside the classroom!

The 2015 Conference Has Concluded.  Please Utilize the CSAEMD Resources Page for More Information.

General Information

The Career in Student Affairs & Enrollment Management Day is an annual, multifaceted professional development event that seeks to promote the Student Affairs & Enrollment Management profession to talented and diverse individuals and to retain current professionals by meeting their career oriented professional development needs.

This half-day conference is primarily focused toward undergraduate and graduate students interested in pursuing professions in the Student Affairs & Enrollment Management domain, which includes university offices such as Admissions, Campus Recreation, Career Services, Dean of Students, Health Services, Multicultural Student Affairs, Student Activities, and University Housing, just to name a few.

Students have the opportunity to learn about careers in Student Affairs & Enrollment Management through attending various presentations on hot topics in the field and panel discussions with professionals from a variety of campus offices. In addition, lunch is provided and accompanies an opportunity for students to talk more intimately with presenters, panelists, and other campus-wide Student Affairs & Enrollment Management professionals.

A Brief Overview of the Student Affairs And Enrollment Management Career
Student Affairs & Enrollment Management Definition:
Any advising, counseling, management, or administrative function at a college or university that exists outside the classroom.Student Affairs & Enrollment Management Functions:
Leading, educating, individual and group advising, counseling, supervising, teaching, training, planning, program development, inquiring, managing, financial management, assessment and evaluation, resource attraction and grant writing, entrepreneurship, outcomes assessment, political negotiation, and cultural assessment.Work Setting:
Student affairs & enrollment management professionals work in every kind of institution including private liberal arts colleges, community colleges, public colleges and universities, research universities, women’s colleges, historically Black colleges and universities, tribal colleges, urban institutions, and for-profit institutions.Department and Program Areas:

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Event Schedule

Check-In & Welcome

9:30 am  10:00 am:
Conference Check-In
Russell Union Ballroom

10:00 am – 10:30 am:
Welcome Session
Russell Union Ballroom

10:40 am – 11:30 am:
Workshop Session 1
Russell Union 2nd Floor

11:40 am – 12:30 pm:
Workshop Session 2
Russell Union 2nd Floor

12:30 pm – 1:30 pm:
Lunch Roundtables
Union Ballroom

1:40 pm – 2:30 pm:
Workshop Session 3
Russell Union 2nd Floor


Workshop Listings

Session 1 | 10:40 am – 11:30 am

Transitioning from Student Leader to Enrollment Management Professional

Your major doesn’t define your career path.  This session will talk about how student leaders can utilize the skills they have gained at Georgia Southern to transition into enrollment management professionals. From scholarships and recruitment events to travel and SOAR, enrollment management is more than just a fancy name, it’s what we do!  Whether you know a lot, or a little, about enrollment management, this session is for you!

Start With Why: Finding the Job That’s Right for You

There are numerous jobs to choose from in Student Affairs, so how do you know which one fits you? Use Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle Mode to find the “why” (why you do what you do) that leads you to your “what” (your career)!

Session 2 | 11:40 am – 12:30 pm

Graduate Programs: It’s a Mutual Fit!

Choosing a Student Affairs Graduate Program can be a stressful task! Let us ease your mind throughout this process and come learn how to choose the graduate program that best fits YOUR personal and professional needs!

Why we live with those crazy college kids!

Eighty-five percent of entry level positions in Student Affairs are in University Housing. This presentation will provide an overview of the roles that entry level professionals play in the lives of college students living in residence halls. The career area of University Housing is crucial to the beginning success of a majority of colleges students across the country. We create safe and inclusive communities, connect students with resources and often save college student lives.

Call Me, Maybe?: The Job Search

The job search process in SAEM is a lot different than other career fields. Join us to learn how to be success post-resume and throughout the interview and selection process. This session will prepare you for your future career even if the job search isn’t on the horizon.

The job search process in SAEM is a lot different than other career fields. Join us to learn how to be success post-resume and throughout the interview and selection process. This session will prepare you for your future career even if the job search isn’t on the horizon.

Session 3 | 1:40 pm – 2:30 pm


Leadership in SAEM- A Vice President’s Perspective

Join Vice President for Student Affairs & Enrollment Management, Dr. Teresa Thompson for a discussion on her perspective of leadership within the Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management here at Georgia Southern University.

Networking as Graduate Student in Student Affairs

The purpose of this session will be highlight effective ways for graduate student establish and maintain relationship with current professionals in field. In addition, we will discuss how graduate students here at Georgia Southern can get involve with the Higher Education Student Organization.

Work-Life Balance

Self-care and well-being for student affairs professionals and graduate students is essential. This group of panelists will discuss their experiences in restoring and maintaining their work-life balance.


2:40 pm – 3:15 pm:
Closing Reception with Dean Patrice Jackson
Union Ballroom

3:15 pm – 4:15 pm
Resume Boot Camp sponsored by Career Services
Union Ballroom

Now that you have delved into the many aspects of the Student Affairs and Enrollment Management profession, stop by and visit with members of Career Services for a special SAEM edition of Résumé Boot Camp!  Résumé Boot Camp provides you the opportunity to meet with a résumé-writing professional without having to make an appointment.  Our Career Development Specialists will talk to you about how you can sell your unique skills and experiences through a quality résumé and cover letter and position yourself to be a top candidate for your chosen SAEM position.  Participants should plan to bring a copy of their resume to this program.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What will be going on at the conference?
There will be a welcome from the VP for SAEM, lunch with Student Affairs and Enrollment Management staff, and many sessions informing about the field of Student Affairs & Enrollment Management, how to find the right graduate program, what you can be doing now as an undergraduate student to prepare for the field, etc. Check out the Event Schedule tab above to learn more.

Does it cost money?
No, it’s free!

What are other benefits of attending?
You’ll receive a lot of great information to help you learn about the career field and prepare for graduate school. You’ll also be able to network with Georgia Southern staff that are knowledgeable about the career field.

What kind of education is required?
The majority of Student Affairs professionals earn their Masters degree, and many do so in an education related program. Graduate programs for Student Affairs could have many different names: College Student Personnel, Counselor Education, Higher Education Administration, or Student Affairs Administration.

How can I begin to get experience?
Being an involved student on campus is a great way to start! Pursue leadership roles in organizations, assist on event planning committees, and talk to current Student Affairs and Enrollment Management staff members. During graduate school, graduate assistantships will provide you with an opportunity to work in a Student Affairs or Enrollment Management office.



Professional Associations
Want additional information? Check out these professional organizations in Student Affairs
Workshop Session Presentations

Grad School Checklist

Grad School Characteristics

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