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Consortium Agreement for Transient Students

Students must sign a Consortium Agreement before any transient financial aid will be reviewed. A Consortium Agreement allows students to take courses at another institution and have those courses count towards their degree at Georgia Southern University.

If you are a degree seeking student at Georgia Southern University (home institution) and plan on taking courses at another institution (host institution), you must complete a Consortium Agreement in order to receive your federal financial aid. This allows your eligibility for financial aid to be based on the total credit hours attempted at both institutions for the term. A new Consortium Agreement must be completed each term.

All documents must be completed and submitted PRIOR to the beginning of your program for completion of this agreement. Failure to complete this Consortium Agreement will prevent the release of financial aid funds and the accurate reporting of your enrollment by the Office of the Registrar. If you are seeking HOPE ONLY, the consortium agreement is not necessary. You will only need to complete the Transient Permission Form and get signatures from your academic adviser and Registrar’s Office.

To download a Consortium Agreement please click here.

Last updated: 11/10/2020