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Frequently Asked Questions

When will the Office of Student Accounts release my net financial aid refund check?

As long as the professor teaching your class reports you as attending, your financial aid file is complete, and the aid is ready to disburse to your account, the refund will either be available in your checking account (if you completed direct deposit paperwork) or a refund check will be mailed to your physical address listed on WINGS on approximately the 12th day of the semester.

When is my professor required to report my class attendance in order for me to receive financial aid?

The institution requires that professors verify attendance on the first day of class.

How will I know if my professor has verified my attendance?

Check the “Attendance Verification Status” page through your WINGS account under “Student Services and Financial Aid”.

What if I go to class, and my attendance is not reported by my professor?

You will need to check with your professor immediately if you attended class but you have been reported as not attending. A special form from the Registrar’s Office may be required if you are verified late. If you are not reported as attending, you will receive a “W” for that class. All “W’s” count in your attempted hours and could affect your future financial aid eligibility. Also, keep in mind that once initially disbursed, financial aid cannot always be adjusted up or down due to additional hours. See your financial aid counselor for more information about this.

Why does Georgia Southern verify class attendance?

In order for students to be eligible for financial aid, they must have attended class. Verification of class attendance is also necessary to allow waitlisted students to fill vacant class spaces during the add/drop period.

Will I be able to use my financial aid to purchase books in the University Store?

If your financial aid award amount exceeds the amount of tuition and fees you owe (including housing and meals if applicable), you may use up to $600 of your credit, or up to your refund amount if it is less than $600, to purchase books and related materials in the University Store.

What about my HOPE Scholarship?

Your HOPE Scholarship will be applied to your tuition. HOPE Scholarship awards are reduced to actual charges of approved tuition per semester.

Last updated: 11/8/2020