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Special Awards – Summer Awards

Important 2022 Summer Financial Aid Information

The 2021-2022 FAFSA is required in order to be checked for Federal Aid eligibility for Summer 2022.

Awarding of financial aid for Summer 2022 is expected to begin in March 2022 and will continue through the summer term.

Student summer award funds are based on allocations from the state and federal government and could change without notice.


Federal Regulations

Calculation of the annual Stafford student loan limits will remain the same; students who receive their full annual loan during the Fall and Spring semesters will not have Stafford loan eligibility for Summer 2022.

Students must be making Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) to qualify. Please click HERE for more information about the SAP policy.

Summer Pell Grants
In the 2021-2022 academic year, students enrolled in at least 6 hours summer may be eligible for the Federal Pell Grant. If students receive 100% of their Pell award in both the Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 semesters, and are enrolled in at least 6 hours for summer, they may be eligible to receive Pell for the Summer 2022 semester. If a student is enrolled less than full-time for either Fall 2021 or Spring 2022, he /she may be eligible to receive the remaining Pell award for Summer 2022.

Summer Pell funds will not disburse until the student's class attendance has been verified.

Financial Aid for Summer

In order to be awarded financial aid for Summer, you must first register for summer classes. Once you register for summer classes, your financial aid will be reviewed (remember, for federal loans you must register at least half-time; 6 credit hours undergraduate, 3 credit hours graduate). Your summer financial aid award information may be checked on WINGS through

Important Info About Summer Loans

Summer loans are awarded based on remaining eligibility of yearly loan limits. If a student maximizes their yearly loans in the Fall and Spring semesters and does not advance a grade level, he/she will have no loan monies remaining for Summer 2022. *Please note that loan levels do not increase when you transition from Junior to Senior status; therefore, Juniors who maximize their loans for Fall and Spring will not have any loan monies left for Summer.

If you are a dependent student, have already received the maximum amount in loans, and you and your parent feel you need additional funds, then apply for the William D. Ford Federal Direct PLUS Loan at Another option (for both dependent and independent students) would be a Private/Alternative Loan. Information on this can be found HERE.

If you are awarded a summer Stafford and/or PLUS loan(s), the funds will be disbursed to your account if you are enrolled at least half-time and have been verified as attending at least half-time (6 hours undergrad/3 hours grad).

  Minimester 1 Minimester 2 Aid Will Pay
Hours Enrolled 3 3 Minimester 2
Hours Enrolled 6 0 Minimester 1
Hours Enrolled 0 6 Minimester 2
Hours Enrolled 6 3 Minimester 1
Hours Enrolled 3 6 Minimester 2
Hours Enrolled 3 0 Must be enrolled at least half time for loans
Hours Enrolled 0 3 Must be enrolled at least half time for loans
Attending First Class Meeting

University policy requires all students to attend the first class meeting of all classes for which they are registered. Students who do not attend the first class meeting of a course for which they are registered will be dropped from the course. This policy applies to all levels of courses. It is the student's responsibility to verify course drops and check that fees are adjusted. If you have questions, contact the Registrar's Office at:

It is your responsibility to understand your financial aid eligibility. If additional information is received (example: Outside Scholarship), your financial aid may be adjusted. If the aid has already been disbursed to your Office of Student Fees account, you will be required to repay all funds for which you are no longer eligible.

No refund checks are available until approximately two weeks after your class attendance has been verified by your professor/instructor.

You must be making Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) to receive your summer money. Our office will check your grades and hours earned at the end of spring to determine if you are making SAP.

No loans, Federal Direct Stafford or PLUS, will be processed after June 30, 2021.

The University Bookstore credit will be available in May 2021 for those students with an estimated refund showing on their Summer Invoice.

If you are awarded Summer financial aid and decide that you DO NOT want it, you MUST let us know by the first day of classes! Contact your financial aid counselor or email us at .

Last updated: 4/3/2022