Federal Work Study

What is Federal Work Study?

The Federal College Work Study Program is a form of federal financial aid that has unique characteristics. Unlike Grants, which do not have to be paid back, and Loans, which do have to be paid back, Federal Work Study is a self help program. It is a way of assisting students who need part-time employment income to help them meet their educational expenses. In other words, the money is there to assist you, but you need to earn it.

When a student receives a Federal Work Study award as part of his or her financial aid package, the federal government is providing money to pay the student’s wages when that student works on campus in a Federal Work Study funded position.

Not all on-campus jobs, that are available to students, are Federal Work Study funded. Many jobs are university funded, which means that the money to pay student wages come from monies within the university departmental budgets. A student does not need to have a Federal Work Study award in order to apply for these institutional student employee positions.  However, when a job listing includes in its required qualifications: “Federal Work Study Award,” then only those students who have been awarded Federal Work Study, as part of their financial aid package, can apply.

Federal Work Study awards are need based, and they are funded by a set budgeted amount of money. Once all of the year’s budgeted funds are awarded, a student, who is interested in and qualified to receive Federal Work Study, may apply for positions on the Student Employment Center website.

Work-study is a very popular way for students to earn money while in college, mainly because employers will work around the student’s class schedule. Georgia Southern offers two types of employment: institutional, which is funded by the University, and Federal Work Study, which is a financial aid award.

Students who are interested in working on campus should visit the Student Employment Center website or contact them at (912) 478-7159.

Last updated: 8/14/2019

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