Internship & Career

A student should not be limited from a learning experience even if the business or organization does not provide a paid internship.

Leadership in the Workplace
Discussions with business and organization leaders have brought to light expectations for new employees hired out of college to have developed the “softskills” necessary to communicate in the workplace.

Through participation in the Leadership in the Workplace seminar, students securing internships in any degree field are eligible to enhance their professional development, customer service skills, networking confidence, and emotional intelligence indicators (soft skills) while interning in the organization.

Through your support, any student who chooses to participate in the Leadership in the Workplace seminar and has demonstrated financial need by participating in the internship can apply for a leadership internship award to offset the cost of the internship experience.

Eagles in D.C.
Established in 2008, this program provides students with a well-rounded educational opportunity to complement their traditional classroom learning while also allowing them to immerse themselves into the unique political, intellectual and cultural atmosphere of our Nation’s capital.

The program is open to all majors and is based on leadership and civic experiences and participation in out-of-class activities. We have placed 25 students since the program’s beginning with a goal of providing each one a $5,000 allowance for housing and meals.

Georgia Legislative Internship Program
Georgia Southern University student interns are assigned to offices in the House of Representatives or the Senate at the Georgia General Assembly. During the internship, students have first hand experience by gaining knowledge of the how state government and the legislative process works.

Each intern serves a unique purpose in the process and has a multitude of di erent tasks to perform each day; some of which include legislative tracking, constituent services, media assistance, attendance at committee meetings, and writing bill summaries.

The program is open to all majors and students must be a resident of the state of Georgia. Our goal is to provide a $2,000 allowance for housing and meals.

Last updated: 12/20/2012