Other Student Needs

We are a BIG division with a BIG vision and BIG goals.

Leadership Series 
The Division invites a speaker each year to stimulate and enhance the intellectual climate of the University and surrounding community. It is important to bring significant figures to campus to discuss major issues of the day, and to provide Georgia Southern students with opportunities to interact with individuals who have shaped and influenced our world. The Division is committed to bringing such major speakers as Condoleezza Rice, James Carville and Mary Matalin, Bill Rancic, and Cornell West to campus on an annual basis. Your support will ensure these opportunities exist.

In 1989, the Fielding D. Russell Student Union opened its doors to immediately become the center of campus life. Built for a campus of 8,000 students, the Russell Union has served as a gathering place, social community, meeting space, and dining facilities. Now a campus of over 20,000 students, the current Union cannot provide adequate space for our students. Private support is the only way a new facility can become a reality.

In 2012, the all-girls squad won their third collegiate National Title.That same year, the coed squad was runner-up to the National Title. Georgia Southern’s collegiate cheerleaders are athletes, ambassadors, and, most importantly, students. Not recognized by the NCAA, cheerleaders do not receive the same support mandated of athletic programs yet practice just as hard and appear at most athletic events. Your contribution can help lessen uniform, travel, and academic expenses.

Last updated: 12/20/2012