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Current Students

Here you will find important information about maintaining your F-1 status, how to deal with academic issues and taking a leave of absence. We also provide information on how to file your taxes, how to get a social security card, employment and OPT/CPT programs.

Remember that all requests need to be submitted through the ISAP portal, which you can find in your webpage or at the link below:

Helpful Tips for Using the ISAP Portal

  • Detailed log in instructions
  • Only click on the request on the site home page one time.
    • Every time you click on the request, it opens a new request which means you have to duplicate entry and have to re-enter the same information. This delays processing.
  • When working on requests, you can save it even if you have not completed it, and return to the request later. Once the request is complete, click on Submit.
  • Once you’ve finished the entire request, be sure to click on Submit. If you do not click the Submit button your request will not be sent to ISAP.

F-1 Requests Available in the ISAP Portal

  • Change of Level Request
  • Change of Status Request
  • Concurrent Enrollment Form
  • Curricular Practical Training (CPT) Request
  • Document Upload Form
  • I-20 Deferral Request
  • I-20 Request
  • I-20 Reprint Request (under “One Steps”)
  • Late Arrival Request
  • New Dependent I-20 Request
  • New International Student Check-In
  • Optional Practical Training (OPT) I-20 Request
  • OPT Employment Update Request
  • Program Extension Request
  • Reduced Course Load (RCL) Request
  • Severe Economic Hardship Request
  • SEVIS Status Verification Form Request (under “One Steps”)
  • SEVIS Transfer Out Request
  • SEVIS Reinstatement Request
  • Social Security Number Letter Request (under “One Steps”)
  • STEM 180-Day Extension Letter Request (under “One Steps”)
  • STEM Extension I-20 Request
  • STEM OPT Participation Report Request
  • Travel Form

Last updated: 10/24/2022