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Social Security Number/ITIN/Drivers License

Applying for a Social Security Number

  • How to Apply for a Social Security Number
    • 1) Your hiring department must provide a Social Security employment letter (on departmental letterhead). They may use the Employer Sample Letter as a reference. Upload the letter to the SSN letter request in the ISSS Portal or request the letter be sent to the Office of International Program & Services at P.O. Box 8106.
    • 2) After your SSN eligibility letter is prepared, you will be notified by email to pick up your employment letter and a letter from our office, but only after we confirm your SEVIS record has been activated.
    • 3) Take both letters, your passport, and your I-94 (Arrival/Departure Record printed from to the Social Security Administration.
    • 4) Email Cindy Durden ( to ask for login information for the Glacier Tax Prep website to complete the Tax Assessment.
  •  To avoid unnecessary delays, log into your WINGS account and confirm that you have a valid Statesboro area address listed under the “local address” label and that you have a valid local or SEVIS foreign phone number listed
  • The Social Security Office can not process your application more than 30 days before the date you are scheduled to begin working
  • If your start date is before you are able to submit your social security application, you must begin to work and get paid without a SSN. However, you should submit an application by the end of the hiring month to avoid having maximum taxes withheld from your check
  • Your social security card, with your number, will be mailed to you within 10 days after you submit your application. Remember to take your card to the Human Resources Office as soon as you receive it.
  • Other resources:
  • What Does GLACIER Tax Prep Do?

    • Determines your U.S. tax residency status
    • Determines eligible tax deductions, allowances, and credits
    • Reviews eligibility to claim income tax treaty exemptions

What is an ITIN?

An ITIN is an Individual Tax Identification Number.  This number is different from a Social Security Number used by individuals earning a U.S. income and filing a U.S. tax return.  This number is an alternative option for students and/or dependents who receive fellowship or scholarship funding during the tax year, but are not eligible for a social security number.  It is also used to identify the dependents of the person filing a tax return.  There are only a few cases where students and scholars can claim dependents on their tax return. IPS advisors are not able to assist with applications for an ITIN. In many cases students/scholars will be able to apply for an ITIN simultaneously with filing their tax return in Spring. Students and Scholars can review the ITIN information on the IRS site about how to apply for an ITIN.

Obtaining Your Driver’s License

Driving is a convenient way to get around Statesboro and Southeast Georgia.  Generally students with an unexpired foreign license may use this for up to one year, and it is advised to carry your passport and visa with you while driving.  Learn more about advice regarding identity requirements and when a State of Georgia driver’s license should be obtained by a non-citizen.  Many students are interested in obtaining a State of Georgia driver’s license, and can learn more via the Georgia Department of Driver Services webpage.

Last updated: 7/20/2020