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Frequently Asked Questions

  1.  Who is considered an International Student?
    International Students are students who possess neither U.S. citizenship nor U.S. Legal Permanent Resident status.  These students will need to obtain a visa which authorizes them to engage in study while in the U.S.
  2. How many International Students attend Georgia Southern?  Which countries are represented?
    Nearly 500 students are attending Georgia Southern in some type of visa status, with most of those in F or J status.  Countries vary widely, but nearly 100 are represented.  Across campus there are a variety of active student organizations that highlight nationality and heritage of certain countries or regions.
  3. What kinds of support does Georgia Southern offer for International Students?
    The Office of International Programs & Services offers a full range of International Student & Scholar Services to students in F or J status.  This includes guidance on obtaining your visa and understanding the regulations and benefits associated with your visa status.  Additionally, we offer a variety of programs to help you meet other students both from the U.S. and abroad, as well as assisting with the transition to life in the U.S., including an orientation session that addresses issue specific to International Student needs.
  4. Will I have an advisor?
    Yes.  All International Students will have two advisors.  One is an international student advisor in the Office of International Programs & Services who will be assigned to you once you are admitted.  The other is an academic advisor in your college who will be assigned once you register for your first term of classes.
  5. Can I choose to apply to an online degree program while studying in the U.S.?
    No.  International students who plan to be present in the U.S. and obtain a student visa must complete a degree program that requires their physical presence in courses held on the university campus.
  6. Are scholarships available for International Students?
    Georgia Southern does offer limited scholarships specifically for International Students.  You may also be eligible to apply for any academic or merit-based scholarships offered by the college or department of your potential major.  Graduate students may also apply for an assistantship opportunity through the College of Graduate Studies.  An application for scholarship or assistantship is not a guarantee you will receive an award.  All students should prepare adequately to cover the expense of studying in the U.S.
  7. What are the deadlines to apply?
    Priority undergraduate admission for enrolling in the Fall is typically the preceding April 1.  For Spring enrollment, the admission deadline is the preceding November 1.  Please note that the deadlines for academic or other scholarship applications and may be earlier.  Students should review the posted deadlines for undergraduate admission.
    Graduate admission deadlines vary by program, and some programs only allow new students to begin enrollment in the Fall term.  Students should review the graduate admissions deadlines provided for their program of interest.
  8. When will I receive my visa?
    Students can apply for their visa only after they have been unconditionally admitted to a program of study.  If you have already been accepted to study at Georgia Southern, please use our webpage for Admitted Students for further guidance.

Last updated: 6/28/2018