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International Programs

Believing that transformative learning occurs when students are challenged to consider other experiences and perspectives, ISAP offers programs for students that highlight different cultural and religious perspectives — allowing students to question their own traditions and customs, resulting in new knowledge and tolerance for differences. 

ISAP hosts a series of programs under the umbrella Hygge: Sharing out Stories.  The programs offered under this theme give students the opportunity to learn, share and enjoy other cultural celebrations.  Hygge derives from Scandinavian culture and refers to a quality of coziness and comfort that encourages a feeling of safety and well-being – ISAP seeks to create this feeling of comfort and well-being for the GS international student community.  Programs offered through the Hygge series includes celebrations of Hispanic Heritage, Nigerian Independence Day, Lunar New Year, Holi and Eid al-Fitr.  In addition, Hygge events usually include a traditional Thanksgiving Lunch and a Summer Lunch series.  Hundreds of students participate in these events, gaining a  new appreciation and understanding of world cultures.

ISAP also advises the International Ambassadors (IA), a select group of international student leaders with a focus on leadership, professional development and career readiness.  The International Ambassadors host a number of programs for the international student community ranging from professional networking events to more informal socials on SweetHeart Circle. 

International Education Week, a joint initiative of the  U.S. State Department and  U.S. Department of Education, celebrates the benefits of international education and exchange.  This week has become ISAP’s signature programming event, with numerous events hosted throughout the week, including the International Awards and the International Street Fair.

ISAP seeks to support international students and to broaden global awareness and appreciation by creating a welcoming and inviting sense of community among Georgia Southern’s international students.  By creating a safe and accepting community, international students gain the confidence to become involved across campus, providing unique perspectives and insights to many organizations and departments.  ISAP intentionally fosters international student leaders, encouraging students to take pride in their own stories and to become leaders across campus. The value added to Georgia Southern from the international student perspective cannot be overstated.

Last updated: 1/29/2024