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International Student Organization (ISO)

ISO camping trip to Florida 2018

For more information, contact or find Armstrong International Student Organization on Facebook.

The International Student Organization provides an opportunity for international and American students to socialize on the Armstrong campus and promotes an interest and awareness of the diverse cultures on the campus.

Membership is free and open to ALL STUDENTS.

ACTIVE members should attend at least 2 general meetings a semester and participate in 1 event per semester. Active members receive an ISO T-shirt and receive discounts on organization activities and trips.

REGULAR members do not offer hands-on support but receive the ISO emails and occasionally attend meetings and activities.

Election Spring 2021

  • President: My’Kayle Pugh
  • Vice president: Kimberly Trinh
  • Secretary: Elizabeth Duong
  • Event coordinators: vacant
  • Promotion coordinators: vacant
  • Advisor: Sara C. Nobles

Upcoming Events

Holi Tabling Event. Friday, March 26, 12–2 pm, Residential Plaza

ISO general meeting: K-pop Spring Day. Thursday, April 8, 6:30–7:30 pm, University Hall patio

Last updated: 3/8/2021