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Orientation (SOAR)

Register for International SOAR

All students are required to attend Southern’s Orientation, Advisement, and Registration (SOAR) prior to beginning their first term of enrollment at Georgia Southern.  A special International SOAR session offers important information about maintaining your visa status, adjusting to U.S. classroom culture, and how to navigate life at Georgia Southern.

Exceptions will not be made and students should plan to arrive on campus during the advertised dates, prior to the start of SOAR.  Please see the Arrival page.


Undergrad. International SOAR: August 12-14

Graduate International SOAR: TBD

Statesboro Undergrad. International SOAR Registration

Statesboro Undergrad. SOAR Schedule (coming soon)

Graduate SOAR Registration (coming soon)

Graduate Statesboro SOAR Schedule (coming soon)


       Undergrad. International SOAR will take place August 12-14

       Graduate International SOAR: TBD

Armstrong Undergrad. SOAR Schedule (coming soon)

Armstrong Undergrad. International SOAR Registration

Graduate SOAR Registration (coming soon)

Last updated: 2/10/2020