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AIR Forum 2015, Denver, Colorado, May 26th – 29th

AIR category: Discussion Group Session

The Importance of Data Visualization in IR (pdf)
Thursday, May 28, 2015, 8:15 am to 9:00 am

Data visualization allows analysts/researchers to identify trends in raw data. It can also complement table data, and in certain cases, replace it. This discussion highlights common data visualization techniques in IR. Data visualization do’s and don’ts are provided. Examples of how Edward Tufte (American statistician) presents data and information, as well as how the Office of Strategic Research and Analysis (OSRA) at Georgia Southern University uses data visualization in reports are provided. Some examples of data visualization tools used by OSRA are Microsoft Excel (sparklines and charts) and ArcGIS (maps).

The questions below serve as the organizing structure for the discussion:

  1. Why is data visualization so important?
  2. Which tools do you use to create data visuals?
    3. What techniques or best practices do you use when creating data visuals?
    4. How do you measure the quality of a data visual?
    5. In what ways do you utilize data visuals?

Presenters: Patrick Roberts and Mary Poe, Georgia Southern University

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