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SAIR 2012, Orlando, Florida, September 22th – 25th

SAIR category: Institutional Research / Work Share

Implementing Project Management and Practicing Good Documentation Techniques

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012, 10:10 am to 10:55 am

Project management may be used in Institutional Research for data collection, report writing, and creating and conducting surveys. Four project management techniques highlighted in this presentation are: 1) Initiating the Project, 2) Planning the Project, 3) Executing the Project, and 4) Closing the Project. Understanding and implementing these techniques will ensure that all of the project objectives are met and that the client(s) are satisfied with the outcome of the project. Additionally, practicing good documentation is important to use when the project launches and until it closes and has the potential for project leads to maximize their efficiency.

Presenters: Mr. Patrick Roberts and Dr. Jayne Perkins Brown, Georgia Southern University

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