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Green Zone

The Green Zone Program is a campus-wide initiative providing locations recognized by Veterans as a safe place to aid in their transition from military to university and civilian life

The objective of the Green Zone Program is to increase the knowledge and skills of the faculty and staff to identify and address the needs of Veterans and assist them in successfully completing their transition from military to university and civilian life. Green Zones are clearly marked locations recognized by Veteran students as a “safe place.”


Green Zones can be recognized throughout the campus with an identifying decal displaying the program’s logo. We invite you to check back with us to find recently updated Green Zones as the program expands. In addition to the participants listed below, students, faculty, staff, and administrators can contact us by email at for more information.

Lucero Aradillaslaradillas@georgiasouthern.eduMCC 212
Jim Brawnerjbrawner@georgiasouthern.eduUniversity Hall 297
Kelly Brooksherkbrooksher@georgiasouthern.eduUniversity Hall 275
Charles Canupccanup@georgiasouthern.eduScience Center
Allison Carthonacarthon@georgiasouthern.eduAshmore Hall 145
Christopher Cartrightccartright@georgiasouthern.eduGamble Hall 140
George Daviesgdavies@georgiasouthern.eduArmstrong Center 207
Theresa Davistadavis@georgiasouthern.eduPolice Department Annex II Office #121
Elizabeth Desnoyers-Colasedesnoyerscolas@georgiasouthern.eduJenkins 101
Susan Dillardsdillard@georgiasouthern.eduFinancial Aid – Victor Hall
Megan Feaselmfeasel@georgiasouthern.eduRecreation & Wellness
Catherine Gilbertcgilbert@georgiasouthern.eduAH 216
Phil Gorepgore@georgiasouthern.eduMRC Armstrong Campus
Anne-Marie Graysonagrayson@georgiasouthern.eduStudent Union D245
Amy Heastonaheaston@georgiasouthern.eduBurnett Hall 105
Ho Huynhhhuynh@georgiasouthern.eduScience Center 210
Frank Katzfkatz@georgiasouthern.eduScience Center 210
Dorothy Kempsondkempson@georgiasouthern.eduLiberty Center
Susan Kirkskirk@georgiasouthern.eduArmstrong Center Suite 16
Nandi Marshallnmarshall@georgiasouthern.eduUniversity Hall Rm 154H
Douglas Masinidmasini@georgiasouthern.eduArmstrong Center 227
Julius Menzoffjmenzoff@georgiasouthern.eduLiberty Center
Military Resource Center Statesboromrcs@geogiasouthern.eduRussell Union
Military Resource Center Armstrongmrca@georgiasouthern.eduPAC 115
Delana Nivensdnivens@georgiasouthern.eduScience Center 1505
Laura Pallinilpallini@georgiasouthern.eduStudent Success Center
McKenzie Peterman (Cary)mpeterman@georgiasouthern.eduUniversity Hall -Room 242D
Patricia Potterppotter@georgiasouthern.eduMCC 204
Candice Preblecpreble@georgiasouthern.eduFinancial Aid – Victor Hall
Jennifer Rushtonjrushton@georgiasouthern.eduSports Center 218
Jason Salzerjsalzer@georgiasouthern.eduRecreation & Wellness
Anne Schulteaschulte@georgiasouthern.eduRegistrar Office – Victor Hall
Pamela Searspsears@georgiasouthern.eduJenkins Hall 105
Iris Smithibsmith@georgiasouthern.eduVictor Hall 136
Eileen Snyderesnyder@georgiasouthern.eduScience Center 150
Nick Shradernshrader@georgiasouthern.eduCP Annex – Housing
James “Sandy” Streaterjstreater@georgiasouthern.eduUniversity Hall Suite 154
Greg Surrettegsurrette@georgiasouthern.eduStudent Union Suite D245
Helen Taggarthtaggart@georgiasouthern.eduAH 258
Kelly Woodruffkwoodruff@georgiasouthern.eduMCC 210

Last updated: 3/20/2020