Stress Less Wagon


The Stress Less Wagon was created to teach students stress and sleep management coping techniques during Exam Week.  On October 4-5, 2016 Health Services’ staff walked the Stress Less Wagon throughout the library. The wagon contained aroma therapy lotion, healthy snacks as well as sleep and stress management educational techniques to better cope with exams.

At 4:30 and 10:30 PM, Health Services staff facilitated a myofascial release workshop on the first floor of the library so students could take a short break from their “all nighter”. The workshop included breathing, meditation, progressive muscle relaxation segments, and a myofascial release clinic.  The myofasical release clinic taught students how they could utilize foam rollers and tennis balls as an alternative medicine therapy for stress relief, promote better sleep as well as treat skeletal muscle immobility and pain by relaxing contracted muscles, releasing trigger points, improving blood and lymphatic circulation, and stimulating the stretch reflex in muscles.

The program was a great success with a total of 222 students participating. The Health Promotion Department at Health Services plans to implement the program again during Finals Week in December.

Taulbee Selected for GAED

Taulbee_Amy headshot (1)

Amy Taulbee, Assistant Director of Employer Relations and Experiential Education in The Office of Career Services, was recently selected for The Georgia Academy for Economic Development.  The Georgia Academy for Economic Development was started in 1993 by a consortium of public and private organizations involved in economic development.  The program is designed to enhance community leaders’ skills and knowledge so that more communities in Georgia may remain or become successful.  Over 6000 Georgians have graduated from this program, which is supported by over twenty statewide organizations, with facilitators, coordinators and program management provided by Georgia EMC, Georgia Power, and the Georgia Department of Community Affairs.  This four-day course is offered each fall in Region 12 and includes modules to enhance leadership skills, community development knowledge and economic development knowledge.

Office of Student Activities Receives Most Innovative Use Award at Connect Conference

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The Office of Student Activities (OSA) recently received the Most Innovative Use Award at the 2016 Connect Conference in Dallas for the multiple and innovative ways they are sharing information with students.  One innovation highlighted at the conference was the availability of  two touchscreen televisions on campus located in the Russell Union and Williams Center (home to the Office of Student Activities) where students can interact with the MyInvolvement site, view events, or search for organizations. The second innovation highlighted was the use of the Alerts feature. OSA keeps an alert up at all times called the Opportunities for Involvement (OFI). This alert is a listing of events or programs being hosted by Georgia Southern departments or campus organizations as well as Statesboro, GA community events open to our students.

By placing technology like the touchscreen televisions in high traffic student hubs, the campus has fewer paper flyers and posters which creates less trash and allows Georgia Southern to maintain its commitment to sustainability. In addition, OSA communication through Alerts and message relays affords students new ways to connect with the site, learn about events. and feel connected to campus.

As part of this award, OSA will also receive a $500 grant to continue innovation on campus.

The Collaboratory

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The Collaboratory Living Learning Community

Designed for forward-thinking students who have a passion to impact their world, The Collaboratory Living and Learning community is a “laboratory” where students will collaborate with peers to explore creative solutions to challenges facing our world – hunger, access to education, clean drinking water, poverty, and more.  Housed in Eagle Village and sponsored by the Office of Leadership & Community Engagement, Collaboratory students will spend the year exploring teamwork, collaboration, and creative approaches to solving wicked problems in the LLC-designated courses of FYE 1220: Collaboration & Creative Problem-Solving and FYE 1410: Exploring Wicked Problems and putting those skills into practice. Students will participate in a beginning of the year team building retreat as well as a variety of community service and cultural activities throughout the year.  In addition, student “House Teams” will plan and coordinate dinners with faculty, social and service activities, and intramural teams for the living and learning community.

Leadership and Community Engagement Executive Director Dr. Todd Deal said, “The Collaboratory is an exciting new venture for us. Our objective is to help students build a strong community while developing their creative problem solving and teamwork skills. In so doing, our hope is to enhance retention of students not only into the sophomore year, but into the junior year and beyond as they engage in tackling problems that matter to them and through which they will develop the leadership capabilities and creative thinking skills that are valued by graduate & professional schools and by employers.”

IA Service in Savannah



The International Ambassadors, sponsored by the Office of Admissions, ended the academic year by volunteering at America’s Second Harvest of Coastal Georgia.  The IAs assisted in packing over 1,500 grocery bags of food to be distributed to low-income seniors throughout our local region.

International Ambassadors are a select group of international students who are actively involved in the life of Georgia Southern. The International Ambassadors participate in many events throughout the year, serving numerous campus departments as well as prospective students and families from across the globe.

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