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Our Staff

Administrative Services
Name Title Work Area Phone Email
Booker, Nichole Interim Associate Registrar Armstrong Campus CBSS 912-344-3261
Brown, Wallace Associate Registrar Graduation & Technology 912-478-5754
Mack, Doris Assistant Registrar Catalog & Course Scheduling 912-478-5627
Morgan, Cassie Registrar   912-478-5421
Lee, David S. Assistant Registrar Technology 912-478-5153
Pool, Tifani Assistant Registrar Records & Registration 912-478-0283
Saylor, Terri Senior Administrative Assistant   912-478-5421
Smith, Wayne Associate Registrar Statesboro Campus Operations 912-478-1680

Armstrong Campus
Name Title Work Area Phone Email
Covino, Linda Administrative Assistant Data Integrity & Submissions 912-344-2761 lcovino
Harris, Karen Administrative Assistant Records 912-344-2828
Smith, Iris Administrative Assistant Tuition Classification 912-344-2628
Weiss, Barbara Administrative Assistant Records & Registration 912-344-2871
Williams, MaLinda Specialist Data Integrity & Submissions 912-344-3373
Vacant Administrative Coordinator ePrograms & Records 912-344-3037  
Catalog & Course Scheduling
Name Title Work Area Phone Email
Bechtel, Alicia Administrative Assistant Scheduling 912-478-5170
Hedrick, Tiffany Administrative Assistant Catalog 912-478-0018
Stewart, Kathryn Specialist Catalog & Course Scheduling 912-478-0664
Customer Relations
Name Title Work Area Phone Email
Willoughby, Justin Administrative Assistant Statesboro Campus 912-478-5152
Name Title Work Area Phone Email
Garvin, Akira Administrative Assistant Graduate Graduation 912-478-0432
Griner, Denise Administrative Coordinator DegreeWorks 912-478-5155
Holloway, Smith Degree Program Assistant Graduation (CEC/COSM) 912-478-5939
Newton, Alicia Specialist Graduation (COE) 912-478-8482
Rawls, Darlene Administrative Coordinator Graduation (COPH) 912-478-1496
Vacant Degree Program Assistant Graduation (CHP) 912-478-5155  
Vacant Degree Program Assistant Graduation (CAH) 912-478-2471  
Records & Registration
Name Title Work Area Phone Email
Bath, Sara Administrative Coordinator Records 912-478-0857
Bragg, Kristi Enrollment Assistant Registration 912-478-0862
Cote, Rochelle Administrative Assistant Registration 912-478-0717
Edenfield, Brenda Administrative Assistant Records (A-M) 912-478-5370
Sikes, Hannah Enrollment Assistant Records (N-Z) 912-478-5207

Last updated: 3/31/2020

THE OFFICE OF THE REGISTRAR • PO Box 8092 • Statesboro, Georgia 30460 • (912) 478-5152