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DegreeWorks for Faculty & Staff

DegreeWorks is a web-based program that provides easy access for advisors and students to track courses completed and plan for those still needed in preparation for registration and graduation. (Note:  DegreeWorks can be helpful, but please consult your Academic Advisor if you have any questions concerning courses needed for registration and/or graduation.)

How can I make changes to my audit?

Complete the DegreeWorks Adjustment Form with your advisor approval. Your advisor may submit the DegreeWorks Adjustment Form Online to the Registrar’s Office.

I need help interpreting my audit?

Please contact your academic advisor for an explanation of your degree audit.

Are quarter courses included on the audit?

Quarter courses are not listed in the audit and will be placed by your Advisor or the Registrar’s Office for graduation.

If I run a What-if Analysis will that change my major?

No. You must complete a change of major form to officially change your major.

If I have already cleared for graduation, should I be worried that my audit is not placing courses like my clearance form?

No, just follow the requirements on the clearance form.

Why are some of my courses showing in two areas?

First, look at the amount of hours being used for the course in each area. If the amounts are different than the total credit hours for the course, then it split the hours for that course.

Ex. MATH 1113 is worth 4 credit hours. In Area A, the rule is to use 3 credit hours of an AMAT attribute. In Area A, it will place 3 hours and1 hour may be placed in another area. CAPP will split the hours to fulfill the requirement for area A.

Second, if the amount of hours for the course is the same in both areas, we may need to change the attribute for one of the courses.

What about repeated courses?

The course should only be used in one area. If a course has been repeated, the repeats should be listed on the Additional Requirements page.

What should I do if a repeated course is counting more than once on my evaluation and it is not split credit?

You should complete the Degree Evaluation Adjustment form to delete one of the courses.

Last updated: 9/25/2018

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