Graduation / Commencement Information

General Information

Georgia Southern University currently holds commencement ceremonies at the end of Fall and Spring semesters. Students may walk at the graduation ceremony only after they complete all their coursework. This includes internships. The only exceptions are the students completing in the Summer semester.  Summer students completing all their degree requirements at the end of Summer semester are expected to walk in the Spring (May) Commencement. Doctoral students who complete all requirements at the end of Summer semester are expected to walk in the Fall (December) Commencement.

Commencement Checklist
1. Application for Graduation

All candidates must submit an Application for Graduation.

Please access your WINGS account through MyGeorgiaSouthern to enter a Diploma Address (DA) that is valid fourteen weeks after commencement for delivery of your diploma. If there is no Diploma Address (DA), the Permanent Home Address (MA) is used for mailing your diploma after all requirements are completed. Please be sure that you have paid the $35 graduation fee by logging into WINGS through your MyGeorgiaSouthern account or in person at the Cashier’s Window in Deal Hall.

The Registrar’s Office mails graduation letters and a  commencement information brochure to candidates before the end of the semester. All students planning to participate in this semester’s commencement ceremony should pay careful attention to the detailed information presented in the brochure to ensure a smooth ceremony. An on-line version of the brochure will be posted at this site when it is available.

2. Graduation Fee

Every student receiving a degree must pay a graduation fee of $35. This may be paid online by logging into, or in person at the Cashier’s window in Deal Hall on Southern Drive (Statesboro Campus) or at Victor Hall (Armstrong Campus). If you do not see the graduation fee posted on your account, please email the Office of the Registrar at Students completing two degrees on the same date will only pay $35. Your degree will not be awarded if you have not paid the graduation fee.

3. Walking Out of Term

Below are the circumstances that are appropriate to request to walk one semester out of term:

Reasons or circumstances for requesting to walk out of term:
If the student is registered for a 12 hour internship in the Fall or Spring semester and cannot be present for the ceremony due to work requirements, distance from campus or the student is not returning to campus.

If the student is registered for a 3/6/9 hr internship and has NO other courses on campus that term.

If the student is registered for ALL online courses or is transient the final term and their permanent home address is out of state and/or more than a five hour travel commute.

If the student has to attend a funeral, birth of child, wedding, medical issues that would affect their participation in the ceremony and the student can provide documentation.

Please remember if you are completing degree requirements in the summer semester, you should plan to participate in the spring commencement ceremony and do not have to complete a request to walk out of term.

If you meet one of the reasons or circumstances above, please click HERE to request to walk out of term.

4. Student Actions That May Prevent Graduation

It is the student’s responsibility to follow-up with their advisor to ensure that their degree requirements are being met.  The actions listed below could prevent a student from satisfying their graduation requirements in the desired term of completion:

  1. Withdrawing from (“dropping”) a required course.
  2. Receiving a failing grade in a required course or receiving a grade below that required by the program.
  3. Changing one’s major or degree program.
  4. Withdrawing from Georgia Southern University.
  5. Failure to meet any degree requirement(s) as specified and in the time stipulated.
  6. Incurring a disciplinary action affecting the student’s enrollment.
  7. Academic and Financial obligations such as holds, parking tickets, obligations to the Library, National Direct Student Loan (NDSL) and the Business Office not met before the end of the graduation term.
5. Change of Expected Graduation Date

After applying for graduation, if a student changes their completion term, either to move it forward or to delay it to another term after application, the Registrar’s Office must be notified of the change.  Students must contact their academic advisor and have them contact our office to update their graduation term.

Cap and Gown Reservation

Students may reserve their caps and gowns at the Eagle Expo which is held each Spring and Fall semesters during the months of February and October.  Reservations may also be made at Herff Jones.

Please give your height, weight, degree, and major. Measurements must be received by Herff Jones at least six weeks before commencement.  Cap and gown fees can be paid directly to the Herff-Jones Company when you place your order.


The graduates should receive diplomas in the mail approximately six to eight weeks after the end of the semester. Candidates must update their diploma address (DA) in WINGS before the end of the semester in which they are completing their requirements. Major(s) and graduation with honors are noted on the diploma.

Completion of the University Honors Program will be noted on the diploma.

Diploma Replacement Request

Replacement diplomas may be ordered by using the Replacement Diploma Request Form link below.

Our policy is that diplomas and academic records must have the same last name.  Therefore, diplomas will print with the same last name that is currently on your transcripts.

The price is $25 for all diplomas. Payment can be made by using the link below.  All diplomas are size 12″ x 15″ and will include the University’s current name and signatures.

Replacement Diploma Request and Payment Form

Graduation with Honors
  • Honors are computed by the Registrar’s Office and all questions concerning graduation with honors should be directed to that office.
  • Honors are based upon all academic work attempted including all courses attempted at other institutions.
  • At least 60 hours of the credits used to determine honors must be earned at Georgia Southern.
  • To determine eligibility for recognition of graduation with honors at the ceremony, the student’s grade point average at the end of the term prior to the graduation ceremony will be used. After graduation and all final grades are recorded and all degree requirements are complete, honors are re-calculated and will be added to diplomas and transcripts if honors are achieved.
  • GPA Criteria:
    1. Minimum average for a level of honors on all course work at Georgia Southern
    2. Minimum average for a level of honors on all undergraduate work
    3. Lowest GPA on record will determine the level of honors.

Detailed criteria regarding honors may be found by visiting the graduation requirement section in the University Catalog and viewing “Graduation with Honors.”Only baccalaureate degree candidates are eligible to graduate with honors. Students receiving honors will be notified by email before commencement. Further details will be contained in the graduation letter that is sent to each candidate.

Upcoming Commencement Ceremonies

Fall 2020 Commencement Ceremonies

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Commencement Ceremony Information

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