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Registration Information


Registration information is available to assist you with any online registration questions or issues you may encounter while you are a student at Georgia Southern University.  Along with the FAQs and printable instructions for WINGS registration and the Waitlist, our Tutorial Videos are available to you at any time to assist you with your registration needs.

General Information & Registration Times


Check your registration status. This is the last option under Registration.

Approximately 5 days following the last day of the scheduled final exam days.

Grade changes can be viewed on your Web Academic Transcript approximately 2 days after the Registrar’s Office receives the change.

If the “I” grade is not satisfactorily removed by the end of the third term (one calendar year) following the term in which it was recorded, it will be changed to a grade of “F”.

Your current academic standing my be viewed on your Web Academic Transcript or your Registration Status.

The total institutional GPA is used to determine your academic standing at Georgia Southern. See Academic Standing Explanations.

Use the print option on your browser. Printing in landscape will provide better results when using the Student Detail Schedule.

You will need to contact your advisor to get your Registration Access Number again.

Click the link below to review your error and follow the instructions. *The RAN is never wrong!

Registration Errors

Please contact the Office of the Registrar by emailing if you have any questions.

Waitlist Instructions

Last updated: 1/6/2023