Student Centered

Georgia Southern University is Georgia’s large-scale, small feel research University offering all of the benefits of a major university with the personal attention of a much smaller private college.

We will promote the ideology of a student-centered division, dedicating itself to providing purposeful high quality programs and services that motivate current and prospective students to be actively engaged with the campus community. Students are the center and reason for our work, and programs and services are designed and organized with the student in mind.

We will uphold the on-campus residential experience as a supportive element in retention, student success, and student satisfaction. We will strive to foster a campus climate that promotes student affective development, healthy lifestyles, personal maturation, civility, and respect. We will design an environment that integrates student learning and personal and career development into a holistic educational experience. We will be committed to helping students reach their educational, personal, and professional aspirations. We will value all students and the opportunities we have to participate in their personal and educational growth and development.

We will value the unique strengths, life experiences, and talents each student contributes to our campus community. We will strive to help students develop and practice leadership skills and hope to inspire their engagement in our campus and greater communities.

We will be mentors and make every effort to develop and nurture the whole student and strive to instill in students an appreciation for life-long learning that will help prepare them for future personal and professional challenges.

Last updated: 12/18/2012

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